Six Steps to a Tailor-Made Vacuum Solution

By Busch (UK) Ltd
schedule2nd Sep 22

Vacuum has the ability to significantly improve manufacturing. Using a vacuum system solution in the right context and for the right reason can dramatically change costs, effectiveness, and sustainability as they relate to manufacturing – because using one vacuum pump alone is often not enough.

Busch Vacuum Solutions primarily offers tailor-made vacuum systems in addition to modular systems to provide the right solution for individual process requirements – from initial analysis to design, from installation to subsequent top-quality service.

Building a system solution is always a joint undertaking. Each solution aims to be compliant with location regulations, as well as to be reliable, energy-saving, sustainable and economical. An essential part of the process is including the customer and their requests during the planning process. Busch follows a concept made up of six steps to find the optimum vacuum solution for the respective process.


Consultation and analysis
This important initial step is to examine and understand the customer’s challenges and expectations. A Busch vacuum expert collaborates with the customer on site to discover the best solution for the customer’s individual needs. The most important questions are clarified first: What will the vacuum solution be used for? Which vacuum technology is most suitable? What improvements should be made regarding efficiency, energy consumption or the work environment?


Design and quotation
After discussions with the customer, the local technicians draft an initial overall concept. This concept creates the framework for designing and building the future vacuum system. The process takes many factors into consideration, among other things, the local conditions, compliance, safety, performance, and easy operability. A clear and comprehensive quotation for the tailor-made vacuum solution is then drawn up based on this concept.


Manufacture and installation

The vacuum system solution will be built in one of Busch’s local systems building centers. The global network of experts provides support during this stage. Once the system has been built, it is then installed. This means not only delivering it, but also having local service engineers integrate it into the customer’s ongoing

production processes and connecting it to the piping system. Once installed, we will verify tightness, proper functionality, and conformity. We also perform necessary test runs and final start-up.



Training is a vital component. The vacuum experts from Busch will fully train staff on site to guarantee safe and reliable operation of the new vacuum system. They will learn how to maintain maximum performance.



The new vacuum system solution is now fully operational and can be run by the trained staff. Service from Busch ensures that things will stay that way in the long term, too – with preventive maintenance. This is handled on site or with remote support via digital services. Customer service always supports customers and with all potential issues or errors.


Customer satisfaction

A fully functional vacuum system ensures seamless production processes and customer satisfaction. Premium customer service provides process reliability and planning security. A tailor-made vacuum system solution is sustainable and will also continue to adapt to future process requirements.

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