Saving Energy with Sustainable Vacuum Solutions

By Busch (UK) Ltd
schedule17th Mar 23

Busch Vacuum Solutions has now launched the first vacuum pump of the new DX series on the market, the COBRA DX 0950 A. It is a dry vacuum pump with state-of-the-art screw vacuum technology for excellent running characteristics, high vapour and particle tolerance, and extremely energy-efficient operation.

The high-performance COBRA DX 0950 A is perfectly suited for many rough and medium vacuum applications, such as the solar industry, lithium battery production, drying, food packaging, coating, vacuum furnaces, or as the heart of a central vacuum system.

With variable speed drive technology, the new COBRA DX 0950 A covers the pumping speed range up to 950 m³/h and achieves an ultimate pressure of up to 0.01hPa (mbar). All operating data is constantly recorded and saved.

Thanks to its plug-and-pump concept, COBRA DX 0950 A is user-friendly and easy to handle. No further installation is required before start-up. A touchscreen with

intuitive menu navigation allows the control of the most important functions. An optimal vacuum level can be achieved at all times thanks to the intelligent driving unit with variable speed control and various operating modes. This reduces energy consumption and ensures that the vacuum pumps always run under optimum conditions, thus keeping operating costs to a minimum.

With the main benefits of the well-proven COBRA NX PLUS, COBRA DX 0950 A takes up less space due to its optimised footprint. Therefore, it is the perfect compromise between the standard COBRA NX and the advanced COBRA NX PLUS versions. In addition, the patented self-balancing screw design of COBRA DX 0950 A ensures the lowest vibration levels and quiet operation. The screws are made of one single casting and have no gaps. This prevents the ingress of process fluids or particles, as well as corrosion and deposits. COBRA DX 0950 A uses efficient water cooling, which ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the pump body and thermal stability throughout the process.

The COBRA DX 0950 A is based on proven Busch screw vacuum technology. The clean operating principle means neither oil nor other operating fluids are necessary during vacuum generation. For this reason, it is particularly suitable for applications where contact between the operating fluid and pumped medium is to be avoided, or clean room conditions must be met.

Further sizes of the COBRA DX are expected shortly.

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