Gas-Tight MINK MM from Busch Is “TA-Luft” Compliant

By Busch (UK) Ltd
schedule7th Nov 22

The trusted technical inspection institution TÜV Süd in Germany has checked the sealing system of the gas-tight MINK MM vacuum pumps and compressors from Busch Vacuum Solutions and confirmed that it complies with the latest “TA-Luft” standards (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control). Now, the “TA-Luft” certification was issued.

“The ‘TA-Luft’ certification offers us the opportunity to open-up further applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the petrochemical industry and refineries”, explains Lisa Heitz, Product Manager for MINK vacuum pumps and compressors at Busch. Business Development Manager Alfons Schlotmann adds: “The ‘TA-Luft’ certification is particularly valuable for us, as almost all process plants that exist in Germany have to be operated with ‘TA-Luft’-compliant seals.”

“TA-Luft” is the central set of regulations in Germany for reducing emissions. Its requirements serve to protect human health and the environment. The regulations define limits for the emission of pollutants that must be complied with.

TÜV Süd has certified the sealing system of the following MINK vacuum pumps and compressors:

 Vacuum pumps:

  • MINK MM 1104/1102/1144/1142 BV gas-tight version
  • MINK MM 1202/1252/1324/1322 AV gas-tight version
  • MINK MM 1402/1502 AV gas-tight version


  • MINK MM 1104/1102/1144/1142 BP gas-tight version
  • MINK MM 1202/1252/1324/1322 AP gas-tight version

Alfons Schlotmann explains: “Our sealing concept has been assessed as technically tight, which means that when our MINK MM series in gas-tight design is used as intended, there is no risk of air contamination by process gases according to ‘TA-Luft’.”

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